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My girlfriend and I have both never been on a cruise and we decided that this would be the year to try. We decided to go to the Western Caribbean on the Valor in November. I have my first round of questions ready (hopefully I won't get too annoying with questions) and maybe there are people out there who can answer.

First, regarding the stateroom. We were looking at just doing the Inside Stateroom Guarantee (category IS), since we figure we won't be in the room much anyway. It appears that it would be for a 4A and higher, but I was concerned that they could potentially stick me in a 1A (upper/lower) bunks. Am I guaranteed to have a room with a bed that can be converted into a king?

Secondly, regarding shore excursions. The ports are Grand Cayman, Belize, Roatan & Costa Maya. Being as we have never cruised before, and really haven't travelled too much, is it better to just book excurions through the cruise line? After searching the board, I know they cost more, but is it better to have the peace of mind with this being our first cruise. If we should just book with Carnival, is it best to just go ahead and buy now, or should we wait until we board the ship? If anyone has any suggestions on what we shoudl do in any of these ports, I would be very thankful.

I think those are all my questions for now. Additionally, if anyone has any tips/tricks for making the most of the cruise, please feel free to share.

Thank you to all in advance.