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[quote]Originally posted by Cruise Fanatic:

Yes, cruise lines need to make a profit and satisfy stock holders. As does any company. When cruise lines add surcharges and raise prices of on board purchases people just find ways to skirt around the added cost. If they raise bar prices more people will "sneak" booze, if they raise photos people will buy less and copy pictures at home, raise shore excursions people look more at outside excursions, add the room service surcharge and I see people wrapping up food from the Windjammer.
We've been doing all of the above for years. While I realize that the average person doesn't, I can do so without adding any of the additional & unnecessary charges. We gave up on the photo's years ago when the embarkation photo price was upped to $20. Our tours are either by outside excursions, public bus, taxi cab, or selectively chosen from the ships tours (which is very rare). If people are that lazy not to want to walk up to the Windjammer & get something before it shuts down or limits the selections for the evening, they should accept the extra delivery charges & not complain.