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Heresy?? Give me a break! I don't cruise more than once a year, but the variety of food on board RC ships (I've never cruised any line but RC) hasn't changed much in the last ten years. Not that I'm complaining (consider the logistics of feeding 1000s of people efficiently around-the-clock). Putting chain restaurants on board as an alternative to the food that is traditionally offered seems like a great idea to me. I thought Frase's question was a good one, especially considering that cruise ships are heading in that direction already.

[QUOTE]Some day the explorer will have Taco Bell, Denny's and White Castle on the promenade. [QUOTE]

RAD!! I love me some Taco Bell. Not exactly authentic Mexican fare, but at least it will be something to satisfy my cravings for tacos and burritos while on board. I've always been a touch disappointed by the lack of Mexican food on cruise ships. Of course, I'm from California, so I'm probably overestimating the demand for such cuisine from the cruise going population at large. I vote for a Chipotle or a Baja Fresh on board.