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Just found this site and find the info very informative. For Hank and the other experienced cruisers out there...we booked a 24 day HAL cruise on Zuiderdam for our family (two adults and two children- ages 5 and 6). We just watched a Samantha Brown episode and are scared to death. We prefer to travel more independently...but with two kids, this isn't always easy. We will be in Europe for the summer- the first half and last few weeks on our own. Should we do this cruise? Our fears are: food will be bad; will we feel like we are being herded on and off the ship and at meal times; we are younger and active- will there be other people our age and will there be kids on board; would you recommend a cruise of this length? I am worried we may want to jump off the balcony by day 12! I think the kids will love it...not sure about the adults. Thank you!