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Don't you just know this slackjaw's wife is probably abused by him? If he acts like that to strangers, I can imagine her life is much worse.

On one hand, this is the type of situation that we former Marines dream of. Nothing quite like having the opportunity to help someone get their attitude re-calibrated, if you catch my drift. But then this is also a good way to get one's self in trouble too! So I prefer option 2 - don't let someone else determine how your day will be....or your cruise. When you do, you have given them control of your life - at least for that moment or those few days. I would have led those in the area in a rousing cheer and applause as this piece of debris was removed from the casino, ordered another drink and continued playing cards.

Of course, if I happened to know his cabin number I may have gotten even a bit by switching the tags on his luggage on the last evening to a different color, or perhaps moving them to a little-used deck.