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I think one factor that people always forget is that normally tips for services rendered for children are considerably cheaper than adults because the tip is based on the cost of meal or haircut or whatever and it is less expensive than the adults. If you eat out as a family, the tip is based on the entire cost of the meal, and the children's portions are considerably less. I think the logical solution is to apportion the tips where deserved on the cruise. For example, if the kids eat room service for the majority of meals, their portion of the food service tip should go directly to room service. If they are in the kid activities, allot a portion of the overall tip to the people involved in that. I see both sides of this issue. Many parents will not bring a 3 year old to dinner every evening; therefore, why tip the waiter for the child's portion? I also understand that certain people on the ship will be directly involved with entertaining and taking care of the kids, so they should be tipped accordingly. I think the tips should be based on services received, not on those available.