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The balcony door can be locked when you are not supervising. The rail is safer than on anybody I could name's deck here at home. You will do fine with the balcony unless you are raising such a terror he should be kept on a leash at all times, and if that were the case you would probably know it and not be attempting the vacation. Relax and enjoy. I have only met two people in my life who didn't enjoy cruising--one only wanted to golf on vacation and nothing else, and one couple wanted to "be alone" all the time--not sure what resort destination will provide that--camping maybe? The room will be adequate. Kids need to experience a shower sooner or later or swimming lessons at the Y are going to be a shocker. There is staff to help you--plan to tip. If the dining room is too much for the kids you can do room service or a buffet (in and out in your own time). The baby sitters have more experience than any teen in your neighborhood and your mother-in-law combined. This is going to fun for all of you. I have been in your shoes and attitude will save the day.
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