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The cruise I have booked is giving a automatic upgrade from 8A,b,c.etc. to a 8g
What does that mean?
Do I want that?
Carnival, Conquest. April 09
EB, They mean different things on different classes of ships now, and some even within the class. On the Conquest It (should) mean an Aft-View Extended Balcony. To most people this would be considered a very nice upgrade.

Here is a link to the Conquest's re-categorized deck plans.

Carnival has been re-catorgizing their ships and you may have two category of balconies on a particular deck. But generally the higher the letter you are getting a more expensive cabin.
Cruise Fanatic, the re-categorization has been confusing, at least for me. The Balconies on a single deck can have up to four (if not more) categories now. Don't ya love it when they make things more complicated? Aarrgghh!