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Originally posted by goin' cruisin':
I don't know; it seems your posts are all over the board, and no offense (maybe I'm a little thick), but I just don't get it. Beat the dead horse, kick your dog, gripe continuously. It's time to get over it; if you hang on to it for as long as it appears you're holding on to it, it is not healthy. In the big picture, you plunked down a little cash, you were not satisfied, move on. It was a 7 day cruise; how old are you? What percentage of your life is representeed in that 7 days. Be disappointed; no problem. Find another outlet. Move on. Sorry, just my opinion. You hang on to stuff too long and it physically bites you in the innerds.
Maybe your right I have resentment for ever going if I had known about this site prior to our cruise and seen the reveiws on this ship, We would of choose another line. Beside's this trip was an anniversary gift. And apparantly my right to criticies depends on how many cruise's I've been on or my age.