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I can't remember exactly what time we arrived but I think it was like 11:30. When we pulled in there was a short line at the door. We got through all the lines rather quickly but then got in a stopped line right at where you enter the ship and take your boarding pic. Which I wish you could go around. Seems like such a drag to stand in line for that with the ship "right there" i never buy those ones anyway- does anyone? Anyway by the time we got to the stopped line we stood there for like 5 min and then we were off to the pic line and were on board fast after that. I prefered getting all the paperwork out of the way and got on board early. Our first cruise we waited until the 1:30 boarding time what ever it was. By the time we got turned around the right direction it was lifeboat drills, then rooms, then dinner, then 1/2 the first night was gone before we knew what was happening 9and it was only a 3 day so 1/2 day was a big deal)

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