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This thread reminds me of an incident in 1981 aboard the Athens metro. I was in the U.S. Navy at the time and several of us had boarded the train to head to the Acropolis. We had to stand and use the hand straps. It was a non-eventful trip and we were quietly talking amongst ourselves when suddenly I felt a hit in my rear end. I turned around to see an old Greek man standing there apparently cursing me. He had kicked me in the behind! A younger man was with him and had a look of horror on his face. He was desperately talking to the old man and as best as I could tell he was sure both of them were about to get their clocks cleaned. We stood there and couldn't believe what had happened. My shipmates and I stood there and watched these two for a few minutes, and they got up and moved to another car.

All I can think of is there was an election coming up and the communists were out in force (KKE party) and they didn't like Americans.

But I will say I liked Athens very much, and the Acropolis is something that both amazing and humbling to see.