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My mom is considered handicap because she has had a 5-way bypass surgery on her heart. Two years ago when we cruised she was not in a wheelchair but we asked someone about a shorter line for her to get into because she cant stand long or walk any long distance. They provided her with a wheelchair and took us immediately through the handicap line and had someone push her up the ramp to the boat to get her on faster. I definitely think you hit someone with a bad day. We did rent a wheelchair for the trip this last fall as she is on oxygen now. It wasnt bad pushing it on the ship and usually everytime we turned around there was someone there to help her. It would be worth it just to rent the chair to get onto the ship and possibly for excursions. We paid $2 per day at a company in the town where we live the provides medical supplies and sells wheelchairs, scooters, etc. Its worth every penny.