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We were on a Cruise Tour with Princess last September and stayed in Anchorage. We took the cruise bus transfer and it worked well. There is a tunnel just before you get to Whittier that is one way and shared by traffic and the Alaska Railroad. Buses and similar (with passengers) have priority to go through the tunnel and there is a limited time for entry during each time slot - i.e. going east, going west, or train. Our bus driver told us he has waited an hour or more going back without passengers and knows it can get backed up sometimes - both ways. I would certainly consider the Cruise Line Ship Transfer. We missed our time slot going to the ship and the bus driver stopped at a really wonderful wildlife park that had rescued animals. We got to see Grizzly bears, eagles, moose, black bear, etc. for nothing and it was really wonderful despite the light rain. For Vancouver, we used the Princess special. For $20 per person plus the cost of the transfer ($15 I think), we checked our baggage on board, got our airline boarding passes, and were taken through a special area right to the departure area. For us, it was well worth the money. Instead of standing in lines, we sat on the bus until it was our turn to go to the special security area and then through that right into the gate area. It is probably more costly than a taxi but it sure was convenient. The only catch is you have to be flying out that same day you arrive in port. If you are staying in Vancouver overnight, this special process was not available. Hope you enjoy.