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Hey guys...been a while since I have written anything here....I check it frequently...I went crazy on this bulletin board last July for our first cruise....I was full of questions.

Anyhow...after our first cruise...we were ADDICTED. It sure beat any vacation we had staying on the beach, renting a condo and making sure it had a kitchen so I COULD COOK. Those days are OVER!!!!

In March, hubby and I are going alone for four is our usual "anniversary trip" which we normally spend in Vegas...and I must say....THOSE DAYS ARE OVER TOO!!! From here on will be spent cruisin'!!!

I have a question about the Conquest Lido deck...I did look at past posts on this subject, but did not find what I was looking for....In July....we are staying on the Lido deck 9270...just wondering about the noise factor. I know the parties at night get loud...especially Mardi Gras night...anyone know if we will be hearing that or not? I would love to say we'd be there....but after last July's experience....We were so beat after baking in the sun all day there was just no way we were gonnna make it half the night, too!!

Anyhoo...that's all I was wanting to know for now.