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Originally posted by Dave Beers:
I remember Terrence. Nice man and good at his job too.

We missed the talent show - which means I missed seeing you "wowing" the house with your singing!
We ended up sailing with Terrence 4 times before he retired. He started in the gift shop on the Conquest (which we were on) then we sailed with him twice on the Holiday as a karaoke host and finally we sailed with him on the Sensation when he had worked his way up to Asst CD. He and Melinda left Carnival to go to work for Park West (the art folks) because they thought they would have an easier time of staying on the same ship...but that did not work out and unfortunately neither did he and Melinda.

I just got an email from him last week. He is currently living in Canada (with a new love) and trying to gain his citizenship. He has not been on a cruise ship since ...