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Originally posted by davey:
I'm going on my first cruise,on Brillance of the Sea on Jan,02-06 I've really appreciated the information that I've read on this chat-line, but can someone tell me about third-party trip insurance, what it cost, and how late can you still purchace it. Any do and don't for a first timer to Labadee, Aruba, Curacao, Panama Canal, Pueto Limon
Third party insurance is a good idea. There are several different types of insurance. For example, a secondary insurance coverage will pay you back only after you've exhausted your own different kinds of insurance that may cover some of the loss. More expensive is primary insurance, which pays you back for any non-refundable money you lose if you cancel. Then there's insurance that pays you back if you cancel for a "covered" reason (medical emergency, death in the family, plus other reasons), and if you have to cancel for a non-covered reason, will give you cruise credits towards a future cruise. In most cases, if you buy the insurance within 2 weeks of paying your initial deposit, the insurance will cover you for pre-existing medical conditions, too. Otherwise, you can sign up for insurance up until or close to departure time, but it won't cover you for pre-existing medical conditions, defined as a condition for which you've seen a doctor in the last 90 (I think) days.

All of these types of insurance cost different amounts. Usually, the cost of insurance is based on your age, state of residence, type of insurance coverage and the amount you've paid for your trip.

The insurance companies themselves (Travel Guard, Access America, etc) are the best ones with which to ask your questions, or a knowledgeable travel agent.