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I smoke and I smoke in my cabin. I also hate the smell of a "smoked" in room. I have never smelled the smokeiness for some reason when I return to my cabin.

I usually ask for a non smoking room in Hotels due to the stench of smoke.

I did find an answer to smoking inside if you must....well actually two answers.

one being this : purchasing a
Lampe Berger "Lamp" it works wonders with any oder or live bacteria you can creat floating in the air. it was invented in 1899 or so and used in hospitals to eliminate great google "Lamp Berger" I have one it works great.

if you dont want to spend a few dollars on an original Lampe Berger lamp.......just buy a $1.49 bottle of white vinager (sp) pour some in two bowls or small cup's and place them somewhere out of sight in the will eat the smell of smoke like no tomorrow...and NO you dont smell the vinager... trust me these two thing's do work...

Just tryin to help out the non smokers.
I myself am a very conciderate smoker and am bothered by others smoking habit's as well as my own go figger... however theres nuttin like the first cigarette in the morning with coffee....

Just my 3 Cent's