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Hey Raoul

I actually think the Big Red Boat (Oceanic is in Alang) See

I actually got to go on all the "Big Red Boats" several times and yes they Did offer a lot of service, great food, and "everyone was always friendly. I also sailed on the Oceanic before Premier had her. We almost got stuck in Freeport. The other place they took passengers was the Abaco's which was nice. Also it was nice that they sailed out of Port Canaveral because I lived near by. They were owned by Greyhound in the beginning as where the Dolphin IV (went on her 8 times) and her sister ships which at one time were owned by Paquet. Which also owned 2other ships. Whats sad is that all of the ships that I sailed on in the early day for the most part are either dismantled (Alang), being dismantled or have sunk.

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