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Originally posted by Travel Agent:
Earlier I posted a very brief synopsis of the 3) We paid for two balconied rooms. This was done so that while we were in dock we would have a beautiful view and be able to enjoy breakfast outside on our balcony. After all, since the ship sails at night and there is no view except that of blackness, this is the only reason to pay almost double the price of an inside cabin or an obstructed view cabin. However, for the entire cruise, our view consisted of rusted corrugated metal walls that totally blocked any view of anything other than rusted metal. I spoke to “Haley” at reception
about this problem and it was explained to me that the captain usually alternates sides of the ships in port so that this doesn’t happen. Even after expressing our disgust that on our sixth morning aboard we still were looking at rusted metal walls, nothing was done. So that was our deluxe balcony stateroom view for the entire trip – filthy, rusted corrugated metal walls. If in fact that this was the Captain’s decision, refusing to give us any of the view we paid for, is this the same Captain who ran over a navigational buoy in Honolulu a couple of months ago and then denied it to the
passengers? I ask this questioning his competence to be a Captain.
First of all - being able to come up with a list of complaints like this is rather impressing for a person going onboard with an open mind. And since most of your points is close to a parody of a complaint letter I (and pprobably NCL too) applaude you for the entertainment value.

However, your - and the FDA's - ignorance is unfortunately revealed when you are blaming the good captain for docking with the "wrong side alongside" and obscuring your view. Everyone with a little insight knows very well that the port authoroties and the pilot decides which side alongside.

You are probably right that the crew morale is quite low in NCLA. I think the reason for this is that we in the more fortunate part of the world is getting too spoiled to be able to do "dirty work" over a long time as onboard a cruise line. We have the same problem here in Norway where we let immigrants do our dishes, be chamber maids, etc.

My suggestion to you is that you don't mix together NCL and NCLA. Next time, try a traditional NCL ship with international crew, and I'm sure your experience will be another. But of course - anyone who spends their vacation running around trying to find things to complain about will suceed.

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