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Sorry this took so long.

We had a BLAST!! Freedom is big. We were on deck 6..Room 6686 (balcony). Our stateroom attendant was GREAT!! I think his name is Sydney. Was extremely helpful in every aspect. If he saw us coming down hallway he would wait at our door and open it for us. (He got biggest tip)
At all elevators there was a "map" telling you where you are (red dot and weather you were forward or aft). PAY attention to that. One set of elevators are aft other set is forward. Make sure you get on correct elevator..Or will be taking senic(spelling) route..I guess only way to learn. I had to look at "map" almost every time. Certain places you may not go to on daily basis..Gym, spa, etc.
On elevator floor they put day what day of the week..I DID NOT like..Was on vacation I don't want to be reminded how many days left I had of vacation
Our 1st night we had the Mystery Dinner at Portifino's. We did NOT start there. They sent us to a different floor. This Mystery Dinner was acted out by ice skaters/dancers. When we finally made it up to Portifinos we were at table 7..NO VIEW at all of show. We had 2 ice skaters (they did not participate in show) sit with us. They never saw the show and wanted to see friends act it out. Everyone at table loved having them sit with us. Got to ask questions regarding life onboard. And they were helpful with questions regarding basic ship info. Food and show were great..A must do.
We did see ice show..I liked it, husband did not. Ice rink is very small compared to regular rink. So I think skaters are limited on what they can do ("stunts").
Another show we saw was a musical called Once upon a time. Was packed and a last minute decision on our art to attend, So we had to stand. Was very good.
We did see a comedy act..It was 2 guys (can't remember names)..Did play some music..guitar and keyboard..Was histerical..At one point I was crying cause I was laughing so hard.
Windjammer is big. So many buffets. Food was good there.
It was extremely windy on ship first few days. In fact one day my shirt flew up..No one was around. Did not get to do golf cause of wind. We did not do flow rider or rock climbing wall (Even more reason to go back)!!
Food at restraunts were amazing. Only issue I had was when we went to chops I was informed I could NOT get Sprite Zero with my soda package. Did not understand that at all.
Only issue my husband had with Portifino's (we went there twice) is they did not offer more Italian based food(s).
I did do a boxing lesson. VERY hard. You will sweat alot. Would do it again.
I also had a massage and manicure. Massage was great. They offered a $99 deal.
Oh ya we did go to Universal Studios before the cruise. I found out that England considers Halloween a holiday kids get a week off from school..I was so JEALOUS. So there were a lot more kids on board then what I expected.
If you go to the Cafe on the Promadonte(spelling) they offer free coffee against the wall. I did not know that..I asked for a "large regular coffee" and got an large expresso instead. Drank it anyway. I felt staff there was a little slow..Like they were in training.
There were 2 wedding on the ship (first day). Was nice to see bride and groom getting pictures done when boarding.
There is this one drink that I loved..Was called the Lovie Dovie..I think only served at poolside bars. Loved the glass it came in..Had to buy another drink just to get another glass. Drink was a mixuture of mangos, strawberries and rum. YUMMY!!!
In regards to kids activities on board, several times I heard parents stating kids "wanted 10 more minutes"..Taking that as good thing. No complaints about kids. Never heard or saw any kids throwing a fit or crying. Freedom kept them busy with activities.
IF I forgot to mention anything let me know..

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