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Hello. We were in Lima during summer of 06, but we flew into the airport. There were many taxis from the airport, to take into town. So, I would assume there would be many taxis at the cruise terminal. Be careful in South America. My husband and I did not feel safe in Ecuador, when we were walking around the capital of Quito. In Lima we stayed in the Miraflores district. Miraflores is basically there high end tourist area, in my opinion. There best hotel is there, and more expensive tourist shops, a Hooters etc... that overlook the ocean. We only stayed there for one night, after hiking the Inca Trail, and flew home the next day. We did not go into the real Lima, only stayed in the Miraflores area. We did feel safe in that area when we walked around. I just read the other day that Columbia has one of the highest kidnapping rates in the world, so be careful. If I were you, I would take a trusted ship excursion. However, we like to watch "Locked Up Abroad", on Nat Geo channel, so I am probably more paranoid (according to my husband), (more realistic if you ask me) about these things. The Bogota, Columbia airport was no joke. We only stopped over in the airport, from Ecuador to Peru. There were soldiers with huge rifles at the security checkpoints, and made me take off my leg bag (a money belt for the leg), and I had take out all the money I had in it, to show them what was in it. Boy, did that make me feel like a robbery victim waiting to happen. So, be prepared possibly for some serious security of that port. Good luck. Welcome to cruise chat. Hope this helps, Lil' Lori

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