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so Celebrity will let you buy a bottle and take it to your room with no hassle? well i guess i should try them if a good sale/sail comes along.

Carnival has a policy of matching prices..(RCCL too, i think).we found better prices in grand cayman at the tortuga rum place near the tender station, they could only deliver it to the ship and needed at least an instead we got the cashier to quote prices for us on a store paper, carnival matched it no problem!! this is great for souvineer/gift bottles, let them store em out of temptations way.

the best prices for usa are duty free, for most stuff the island where they make it is cheapest. the rules are wierd, i heard if your ship stops in st. thomas you can bring back 2 more litres . with current hassle about liquids we don't buy as much anymore.
what is the limit nowadays? 4-5 litres each?