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5? Oh I thought it was a 3 day cruise. My bad. 5 days is not so bad. the 3 and 4 day cruises are a bit tight. They try to offer everything they would on a 7 day cruise to give a "taste" of everything, but it makes it impossible to do everything (not that we did not try). You end up more worn out then before your vacation started. BUT, 5 days is not a bad length. I'm just such a cruise pig that I hate the thought of anything less than a 7 day cruise.

But with a 5 day cruise there is the possibility that they will offer golf. They should (at least in 1995 they did) have a "driving net" set up. They may have a pro on board to offer lessons. If not, he can always get a couple of clubs and some balls to do some driving. Some cruises they do the whole "golf cruise" where the pro will take groups out to courses in the various ports. But I never felt the need to spend that kind of cash on golfing.
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