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It really depends on what you are willing to pay and what hotel amenities you want. Complimentary transfers are nice but they can sometimes be more trouble than they are worth if they are too popular. I've been at hotels where the transfers had so many people to move that I gave up and hired a taxi to the port, this because the wait was too long. I don't know how well the Miami Hilton does in this regard.

The Holiday Inn is pretty much at the port entrance, but I don't understand why people think being as close as possible to the pier is so important. It can be a detriment. I like to stay a little farther away where I am not competing with other cruisers for transportation. But that is me. Our last time in Miami we stayed in Coral Gables and were the only cruisers (from what I could tell) at our hotel. The bellman took our bags to the entrance, we got in a cab, and were at the ship in about 15-20 minutes.