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Well we still haven't heard back from my letter to Carnival and I don't expect to at this point.

Our TA was aware of our situation and said he couldn't get a past pax rate until he put in a past pax number, so that is how the split reservation got started.

I'm sure it will all work out and we'll have a good time. My motto is that it's hard to have a bad day on a cruise ship!!! You all have helped me see beyond this hurdle. Thanks again.

I've seen the prices drop more since we booked but that's what happens when we make plans with others and have to lock in earlier than we'd usually if it's just the two of us. Then we can really find some last minute deals.
But this is where we're at now and it'll be great, I'm confident.

I'm now looking ahead to taking grandkids to Alaska next August and I'm not seeing Carnival ships on that route then. This may turn out to be our last Carnival cruise for a long time. There's still a house to finish building here in the mountains so the Alaska cruise will probably be our only one for next year. It'll be an expensive but memorable undertaking and unless the economy improves suddenly we may be like a lot of folks and watching for the very best sales.

I'll let you know if I hear back from Carnival.