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Wow, I am so glad I tripped across this discussion. It has made me think we should keep our flex-dining/Personal Choice or whatever they call it. We are both ON-TIME types, husband was NAVY for 4 yrs but don't want to even have to feel rushed EVER.....we are THAT tired and need to just have fun on this cruise. I shall scrap my "Discuss" notes about dining....thank you all for your input!

(PS....maybe if wait staff was told to discreetly put all missed courses in a Doggy Bag for late-comers, they would knock it off?!)
skbnwinters :O)

Originally posted by Dave56:

You are probably referring to a post I made in another thread. I used 5 minutes as a general guideline for politeness. There is no set time that the staff will wait until they start taking orders. After a few minutes, if everyone hasn't arrived they will take orders from those who are seated. If the others show up after these orders are taken, the staff will simply hand them menus and move forward with dinner service. You won't have to wait until the whole table arrives before they take orders.

My point is that people who routinely decide to enter the dining room at their leisure - and could care less about being prompt - are putting pressure on the galley and the wait staffs. These people have a set routine and timing is everything to them.

Again, don't worry! If you are on time you will be served in short order. Don't fret about the tardy people.