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No I did NOT, and it is a good thing. I was talking to one of my waiters one day, and he said they have MANY computers they can use. Not sure what many is, but I am sure they all email instead of phoning. Further, when I got his email yesterday he said to send my phone number and he would call me. That can mean one of two things, a) that I am so intoxicatingly irresistible that he is willing to overlook our ten year age gap and my five kids and use his precious tips to talk to me on the phone, me in English and he in Hindi-lish, OR b) they have access to phones that are reasonably priced and it won't break the bank to talk on the phone for a bit. c) is a complex mix of immigration issues that I won't get into here. LOL!

I also left my room steward half a bottle of Absolut, and as I was laughing about it and giving it to him another guy came by and gave him three Cuban cigars. So there you go- more creative solutions to tipping.

What a great idea- service "above and beyond." I will do that next time. I wonder if they can tell who opted out, or even care considering that new pax are coming on literally as we are leaving. It seems a little ridiculous for people to shortchange the crew when the crew aren't even going to know which person did it!