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Originally posted by cmtx:
On Sept 7 I gave a deposit for the 5/21/06 Pride of Aloha sailing.
The end of Nov my travel agent calls and tells me that the POA is going into dry dock then and we are being moved to the 5/20/06 Pride of America sailing.
On Jan 4 I stopped by the travel agent because I hadn't received any new paperwork from NCL reflecting the change of itinerary or ship. Since when is a verbal agreement over the phone thru a second party binding?
The TA calls NCL. NCL tells her that we were moved to the 5/20/06 sailing but we are now on the 5/27/06 Pride of America sailing. When asked how that happened, they said they don't know! Notes on our account reflect a 5/20 sailing but it got changed. We inform NCL that this won't work. My husband can't get the time off then, since this is 2 weeks later than the original sailing. Some people have to work!! We are using FF miles to get to Hawaii and there are no flights available. We would either have to buy a whole new ticket or use 70,000 miles/ticket to have "anytime" priviledges. NCL will give us $100. We also have to change hotel arrangements in Honolulu, inter-island air to Maui, Maui condo, Maui rental car...All this takes time and money!
NCL informs us that there are no cabins available on the 5/20 POAM sailing. When pressed, what that means was, there were no inside cabins. There were balcony rooms available. Impossible to upgrade us to an outside. The TA suggested that maybe someone else could get upgraded and we take their room. We're not picky...NCL comes back with "NO"...
What really disturbed me was that no one in NCL's customer service showed any initiative at all. We always had to ask "Who else can we speak with?" "who is your supervisor", Today, I asked for my deposit back...this was going nowhere and NCL is completely inflexible. There are cabins on that ship, just not one for us. If we had problems just trying to get on the ship and they wouldn't help us, what would happen if we had a problem while on the ship?
I have sailed on Premier, Princess (Alaska, Western Carribean), American Hawaii, Carnival, OdessAmerica(Russia river cruise), Royal Carribean and have never had problems like this.
Based upon my experience with NCL, I can't recommend them.
I had a similar experience with the Star. Paid my deposit in September and didn't hear back from NCL (via our travel agent) until December telling us the ship will be in dry dock. A small ship board credit was offered, which is funny because the entire cruise was cancelled. No attempt was made to accomodate us on another cruise during that time (kid's spring break), and my two calls to the telephone number the on NCL's website were not returned. I asked for my deposit back. I have not yet received my deposit back. I am however happy to report that for the same $ I was able to book on Carnival's Spirit, and have nearly the same Mexican cruise, except instead of NCL's balcony room, I now have a suite! Can't say I'd be in a big hurry to deal with NCL again.