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Thanks Dave,
My daughter is diabetic, this is why I like to keep canned soda in my fridge at all times incase she needs a quick sugar boost in the middle of the night. Another question for you or again anyone else who can anser this. We have a cabin booked #6658 and have the option to switch with someone for the JS #6694 which is located right at the back looking straight out instead of the side Balcony. Which is a better location? As far as feeling the motion or vibrations etc. They are both at the aft so would there even be a difference. And is it worth the extra $$ are we actually getting more space? Are the bathrooms pretty much the same size in both cabins? Kind of looking for a little more bathroom space 4 in a room especially 3 being girls...well I'm you you get the picture. Our cabin we had on the Grand E728 was pretty compact. The cabin size I'm sure is the same on the Explorer.

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