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Originally posted by thomas stanton:
The only 2 that I care for out of these are Antigua and St. Thomas. the other's are like The BAHAMAS or Jamacia. Don't wander far from port! Tom
I beg to differ.

I found Barbados to be fine. I am a single female who cruises solo. I had no problem wandering around Dominica or Barbados. I didn't go very far in San Juan but met a woman who was also traveling solo and she just hopped in a cab in San Juan and the driver took her all over the place. She said she had a ball and ate some really good food.

In Barbados, after a short tour by a cab driver I picked up outside the terminal, I went to Boatyard beach. I was alone and thoroughly loved my time at this beach. No one bothered me, offered me drugs, tried to pick me up, or hassled me in any way. In fact, when I went into the water, I left my belongings on my beach chair and it was fine everything time I came out of the water.

In Dominica, after my tour with Beno, I wandered around the downtown area for a few hours. Again, at this time of the day I was alone. I wondered up and down all the little streets and in and out of the shops. No one, I repeat, No one offered to sell me drugs, hassled me or bothered me in any way. In fact, I found the people very friendly in a casual (non-touristy) kind of way. I brought a plastic sandwich bag of sugar cane cut into bite-sized pieces and then ended up sharing it with an older local lady who tried to sell me a plastic flower. Very nice way to spend the last few hours of a port visit.

Bahamas!!! Been there several times, never a problem. Never hassled, never offered drugs, have wandered all over the place, no problems. I like the Bahamas because it seems to be the most financial stable of the islands. Most of the people seemed not even to notice me. The cabbies like to flirt but they are harmless and rather cute.

I keep reading about people who get accosted, hassled and offered drugs on these islands. I have been on several cruises and have never, ever been offered drugs and, if I have, it was so quick with an equally quick negative shake of my head that it does not stick in my memory. Where are all these people who are trying to sell drugs to the cruiseship passengers?

IMHO, for a proportion of the cruising public (depending upon what part of the US they come from), the caribbean islands may be the first time they are a minority and/or are in a bustling or fast moving environment, which can create a sense of unease.

Go and enjoy yourself. Use a bit of common sense but none of those islands are any dangerous than any of the major tourist cities in the U.S.

P.S. I live and work in NYC.
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