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If you're looking on a map or Google Earth, you'll find Icy Strait Point listed as the villiage of Hoonah. ISP is simply the name of a lodge/restaurant/gift-shop/tourist area just outside of Hoonah located on what locals know as "Cannery Point". The tour facility was built a few years ago by private interests in hopes of capturing some of the cruise ship traffic that just kept sailing on by... it did! ISP has gone from 1 or 2 ship dockings per week as a trial to 1 or 2 ships every day.

I don't know what's being offered via the cruise lines for contract excursions this year, but all the reports I've heard from travelers visiting tell us to book independant tours there... ship offerings tend to be canned re-workings of tours that you can do in Juneau, Ketchikan, Sitka, etc...

If you're prioritizing your excursions, ISP has little or no flight-seeing available, so do that in other ports. You can walk all of town and several nice nature walks that are self guided, and there are a few gift shops around town featuring local native arts & crafts. It's about as close as you'll get to just wandering around a local Tlingit native fishing villiage unless you take a private cruise on a chartered yacht! Juneau fishing charters often run just off the point in search of halibut, and the whale-watching there is fantastic... Hoonah is less than 50 miles from Juneau and Auke Bay. You might almost call it a "suburb" of Juneau, but that's a stretch of the term!

I spend at least a few days each year in or near Hoonah with the Can Can while on various charters. If anyone has any other questions, fire away... I'm happy to help answer when I can!

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