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Originally posted by Raoul Fiebig:
But then IMHO this was not a main reason for Premier's demise. The charter of "The Big Red Boat II" was a technical nightmare and mismanagement (anybody remember the "Seven-Star Service" joke?) was a major factor, as well.
Raoul, I agree completely. I remember the frequent breakdowns of BRB II during summer 2000 -- plus the time she snagged a telecommunications cable off the coast of Rhode Island. And all those incarnations to combat the competition -- first Warner Brothers, then a focus on the classic ships, then back to family-oriented cruises (from one BRB to three), and then the "Seven Star Service" debacle.

Soon after Premier met its demise in late 2000, I wrote an article for the online SeaLetter Cruise Magazine (now owned by that detailed its history, ships, and crew. Of all the articles I have ever written, this generated the greatest number of e-mail responses -- and all were positive. Five years later, I am still getting e-mails. It's nice to hear that so many had such wonderful memories.
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