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Carnival has adjusted the times for seatings a bit, at least according to the choices on their website. Generally, early seating means dinner at 6pm or so and late is dinner at 8pm or so. For your cruise, the seating times listed on the Carnival site are:

6:45 AM Breakfast (in Port)
7:45 AM Breakfast (At Sea)
12:00 PM Lunch
5:45 PM Dinner

8:00 AM Breakfast (in Port)
9:00 AM Breakfast (At Sea)
1:30 PM Lunch
8:15 PM Dinner

You are assigned to a specific table. Although times are listed for breakfast and lunch, it is often the case that the ship will have open seating for those two meals where they will open for two hours and you come when you want and are seated wherever. Dinner will not be open seating though, and you need to go at your assigned time.

You can ask to be switched to the other seating time after you board the ship. See the dining room manager (maitre'd). They usually are available on embarkation day either inside the dining room or at the entrance.