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1st timers on any kind of cruise. Anyone have info on Island Princess stateroom B307. We booked this cruise on 2/23 & were told that mini-suites were unavailable(from more than one source). This was best stateroom available at that time. Strange, that far in advance?
Any chance for upgrade at this late date?

Lots of talk about hard liquor in rooms, on this board. Seems the concensus is No. Where do I drink the Crown Royal, at $22 for 375 ml, offered in the Princess Cruise Answer Book?

Anyone have any suggestions as to the special events packages, especially the deluxe anniversary?

What type of special events, if any, for Xmas day, New Years Eve, New Years Day?
Anything different those days regarding services being available?
Customer services said we can't find out about special events for those days until on board. True?
Suggestions for best restaurant for New Years Eve(anniversary) dining? We are on persoanl choice plan for dining. Is Chef's Table now an option on Island Princess? If it is, pro's /con's on New Years Eve.
Arrive in San Juan del Sur, Nicaraqua at 6 am on Jan 31st. Have made contact with fishing guide for a 1/2 day flyfishing trip as soon as I can get off the ship. What can I do to be 1st in line to get off?
Lot's of questions, but have been through 17 pages of postings & did'nt see them covered.
If you would rather email me direct, my email is: Thanks in advance!