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My concern is not that Carnival will not keep the ships clean and maintain all the rules and regulations of the concern is that once the ShipS docks in Mexico, and all passengers go to the City for the day, Carnival has no control of how the passengers conduct themselves as far as safety issues go to keep themselves safe while they are on shore; thus meaning......when you mix 1,500 plus passengers on a ship back to the U.S. from Mexico, who knows who and how many of them have come in contact with someone from Mexico who may have had the takes sometimes 7 days for the signs and symptoms to show. Also, as I mentioned before, Carnival can try to keep the ships as clean as possible......but they can't keep people from doing things like sneezing, coughing and touching w/o covering their mouths or washing their hands. IT'S A VERY SCARY THING AND Carnival or the ticket holders of Carnival (either of the two) are looking at losing money. If Carnival changes the itinerary then they lose, (becuase many will want their money back and Carnival knows that) and if they don't change the itinerary, then the ticket holders must make a decision to go a head with their Cruise taking a chance that they may or may not come in contact with someone who has the Flu, or to lose their money on their tickets and not go. JUST SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT................BUT I'M SURE I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO HAS THOUGHT ABOUT THIS.


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