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Cas, They are probably offering the "Endless Summer" promotion that has upgrades this coming week. It is applicable on new bookings only and has blackout dates, and a ton of restrictions. They are usually a little flexible on the new booking part for people this far out of penalty.

Did you have a PVP, or did you call General Reservations?

What is a PVP??

Here is what I do;

Well First I call 1-800- carnival (general) and ask the person who answer about it mostly the same when I did the booking, then after he said he cannot give me the upgrade I call the person who really make my booking and he told me the same.

the way I see it I am so far from my cruise that I am considering to cancel it and re-book it with a travel agent because they are giving me better prices than carnival
What really escapes my mind is they are giving better offers to new cruisers than past guest...