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I'm not going to argue if these things did or did not happen. You say they did, I believe you, but my question is, what did you hope to accomplish with this letter? It's way to long for anyone in a corporate office to read and you never state what you expect them to do (other than telling them they are not going to get your business anymore) Complaint letters need to be to the point, clearly state the problem and clearly state what it is you expect the business to do for you.

You are not going to get anyone from the corporate offices to do anything...heck the ship's hotel director (which I would assume is a career position and not someone that will be quitting tomorrow) would not speak to you about you complaints.. either that says that don't care OR the reality of the situation is different. NCL may be perfectly aware of the state of things. They give the ships a budget to work within.. maybe that is the best they can do with the money that corporate gives them.
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