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Originally posted by Sandy:
TheTylerose, you brought up a couple of items that need comment.

If your husband is taking syringes with insuling with him, this MUST be cleared first by Carnival's Special Services desk. Carnival will need a note from his doctor on letterhead or the doctor's prescription pad, indicating that your husband is diabetic and must have insulin syringes with him. Carnival should also have available to you, either in the cabin or nearby, a small refrigerator in which to keep the insulin.

It may also be required that you report you have your CPAP machines with you, if that's what you use. It's also just a doctor's note required.

And last, it sounds like it's critical for you to take out cancellation/interruption insurance, particularly with elderly parents in the picture. Make sure you buy insurance that will cover you for cancellations/interruptions due to pre-existing conditions in yourselves or your immediate family.

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