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Hi Bruce, the cabana price ranges from $150 to $200. We were a big group of 12 people, so we had 2 for $150 each. The one that costed more, looks bigger and closer to water or has more of the private. Each cabana can hold up to six people, and came with a cooler with ice, 3 large bottled waters (although some people said they got 6 bottles), and floating mats (They'll ask you how many you need, we told them that we need 4-5 for each cabana.
We had lobster, scallop and shrimp skewers, ribs and some cookies for lunch. They have some other stuff too. You can ask your cabana attendant to get them for you or get in the very short line yourself. Keep in mind that the lobster will gone soon if you come eat late .

Before we came to Labadee, I asked the person in Guest Relations and Explorations desk about the cabana for rent. She told me in a way like "If you're not in a GS and above, forget it." I thought it wouldn't hurt to ask again the next day, this time a very nice lady gave me instructions how to get one.So after we got off early,we went straight to BareFoot Beach Club and asked those guys at the gate if they have any cabanas left for rent. They told us they still have 4 left and took us inside to let us choose which one we liked.
People with GS and above don't need to rent a cabana in order to have access to the beach and nice lunch. I would rent a cabana next time if we are there again!
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