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I just finished my honeymoon cruise to Hawaii from Vancouver, I did book my fligths through carnival and I have to admit I more then likley will not do that again. I figured that it would be worth it since it was the same price as what I could find. We decided that we would go out a few days early to relaxe in downtown Vancouver before our ship set sail. When I tried to get it changed it was a nightmare. We were under the 60 days prior to sailing so I knew that there would be a fee to do it. I was even prepared to pay. I was told that I could not change my flights, and that I would not be able to make any devations. After talking to Carnival and Air Canada for 4 hours I was able to get it changed by one of the upper managment with carnval.I have to say that the ability to remain flexable in my travel is why I will not be booking flights with carnival again. We had a wonderful cruise and an awsome vacation however and would recommend carnival to all of our friends , just not the flights.