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During bridge tours I've had a lot of strange and sometimes stupid questions, and I can assure you all the examples the cruise director gives you are true.

I've had the question "Do we live onboard", "Is the caribbean sea salt or fresh water" and "do the ship generate its own electricity" (No we have a very long cable still connected in Miami)

But there are also many wise, thoughtful, intelligent and nice questions and all in all I really enjoyed having bridge tours as that was my way of meeting the pax.

As Dave mentiones, shipping is a natural way of living for the Filipinos (as it is for Norwegians) and during all my years at sea I've been enjoying working with them. Filipinos maybe used to be cheap labour, but today they are very well qualified professionals who goes through much harder requirements to be able to work on a ship than for example a european or american. I can take my wife as an example. We met on the beautiful Norway when she was working as an admin hostess in the cruise staff department. Earlier she had been in the purser's department. In order to be accepted to go overseas in the first place she had to have a college degree (minimum bachelor) while some of her american, canadian and european colleagues hadn't even finished high school.

In the deck department many of the AB's and OS's were qualified for 3rd officer positions as they had the licence.

Often when me and my college mates talk about our sea life I keep mentioning that I'd much rather sail with a mixture of filipinos and norwegians than with a full norwegian crew.

Filipino seamen today are skilled workers with lots of schooling and experience.

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