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Originally posted by Jim C.:
joergr- I wasn't disputing the travel insurance part.. I was just syaing that I thought the whole point of booking the airfare with the cruiseline was for this reason. Much like if you book an excursion though the ship, and that excursion is late back to the ship, the cruiseline will get you to the next port.

If you paid less for airfare through the cruiseline, then you would be the first person I have ever heard that from. I normally get a much better rate booking it myself.

yes, travel insurance is a wise move.
Jim, I do believe you are correct. The only time we have ever flown in the day of the cruise was when we sailed out of San Juan a few years ago and bought our air through Carnival. Northwest had an entire Airbus go out of service that was FULL of people headed to San Juan for that cruise.

We were the lucky ones. We happen to be at the Northwest counter at 5AM and Jean (I will never forget her name) got us 4 first class tickets together on an American flight. It was still close, but we arrived on time and our luggage made it. In our situation, I don't know what Carnival would have done...because Northwest handled it.

However, (the point is ~~and I promise I have one) our friends were not so lucky. They had to spend the night in Memphis and be flown to the next port. They had also booked their air through Carnival and Northwest paid for their hotel room in Memphis AND got them to the next port. They did not pay one extra penny.

I don't know if the original OP got sucker by the airline (who would ultimately be responsible) or not.

But that is how our friend's experience was handled.