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My wife once left her purse hanging on the bathroom stall at a roadside rest. She realized her mistake about 30 minutes down the road. By the time we returned over an hour had passed. The purse was no where to be found. We noticed a "bum" and talked to her, she offered to help find it but we were sure she had taken it.
After about an hour at the rest stop, we called ahead to the motel that where we had made reservations . This was in the days before cell phone and internet, and we needed to let the motel know we would be late.
Once her heard our name he said that a person had called and was going to drop out my wife's purse. Turns out an honest person had found it, checked inside the purse, on my wife's daytimers was our motel contact information. The Bum we were trying to blame was only trying to help us find the purse, not a thief. The roadside rest was on an interstate Hwy 99 in California, 200 miles from home. The lady that found it lived less that 5 miles from our home. The friendship lasted for years, until the family moved out of state.
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