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Originally posted by TrvlPro:
IBCRUZIN', VTG does offer every category on the ship. When they buy blocks of inventory (group space to be sold individually at better rates) they purchase minimum Cat 4A. A couple of reason why are... 1A cannot be offered for more than 2 pax. If a famlily wants to take advantage of the savings a 4A quad or triple occupancy cabin can be booked. Second, on many ships the 1A is predominantly bunkbed cabins and they are harded to sell once that disclaimer is given. A 4A sold from a group purchase is lower in price than a 1A through the cruiseline anyway so you get a better cabin at lower cost. They also buy 6A's instead of 5A porthole cabins and 8A's instead of 7A (partially obstructed view) when balconies are purchased.

All other categories can be booked at the same rate the cruiseline offers for folks who want something not purchased in the blocks at the special savings.

Cheers, Neil
On the single cruises there were no Cat 1A's available, even for 1 in the cabin. The 4A I booked with VTG was $125 more than the Cat 1A I booked but almost $200 cheaper than what Carnival was offering for 1 in a 4A. I am paying $125 for the experience of going with an organized group. I have never done a group cruise and going with a group like VTG is as good a test case as I am going to get. I like to enjoy my time as I see fit and if I go with a group of friends, family or co-workers, that may rub contrary to the group's intention. I won't have that problem with a group from VTG since I do not know the other members of the group. If that makes sense.
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