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OK GUYS! this is probably a stupid question but here it goes. A friend of mine just went on a rccl cruise out of Galveston and I asked her how it was. She said the ship was just beautiful, the food greatand the people were nice. Then she said the people, although nice, were kind of a upity bunch. She has been on alot of cruises and her favorite ones are carnival because the people are more laid back and wanting to have fun and party. She thinks Rccl cruises are just a little stuffier than carnival. Do not get me wrong she would go on rccl anytime. My question is, Is this true? I have people going on rccl freedom next year and they love to talk to everybody. By the end of the cruise everybody knows their name. So being first time with rccl I would hope they will say they loved the cruise as much as carnival conguest last year.