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We just returned from Alaska (Ketchikan, Juneau, Haines, Tracy Arm) & we found the weather to be just slightly cool. When we were at Tracy Arm I'll admit it was on the cold side but since we flew to San-Fran to get the ship we didn't have room for a heavy parka as did the people who live close by & managed to do without for a few hours with a sweat shirt & light jacket. We also had our light weight poncho's but didn't need them on our trip- A few days before we arrived they had very heavy rain in Ketchikan but we lucked out. In a pinch you can get a free poncho at Diamonds International if you're in town. The misquotes weren't all that bad during the day even on some of the hiking trails but if you're there early morning of late in the day I'm sure you'd want some repellent. We've got worse here in Florida early in the morning.