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Sorry for the late review but here goes.

We first stayed in Seattle for a couple of days before our cruise. Amazing city if you have not been there. The Purple Cafe was really good, and the Public Market was fascinating. They let me try fresh crab while I was there and of course I saw the "flying fish". We stayed downtown in the Fairmont Olympic Hotel. Very nice hotel but a walking distance from things we wanted to do so we got our exercise!

We got there around 11:30 and we could not board till about 1:30. Everything went smoothly. There were no lines and the staff was very helpful.

The ship:
The ship was beautiful and an easy layout to learn. We had an amazing stateroom steward named Johnathan. A day never went by that he did not greet us, ask us how we were doing, and how are day was. We did have two maintenance issues which the first one wasn't a big deal to us. It was a light that was flickering and Johnathan said he would call maintenance to fix and which he did call two times and they never came. The second issue was we decided to do some laundry and we were on deck 6. We washed our clothes to find out the dryers did not work so we had to take our laundry to deck 5 to dry them. We left comments on our comment card so hopefully they will get them fixed. This was our first cruise with a balcony and it was great. I think I have spoiled myself now. It was great to order room service in the morning and enjoy our balcony. We were also on a cruise with two dance teams and a church group from the Bahamas. With all those people on the ship we never had a 'crowded' feeling.

The entertainment:
The shows were pretty good. There was one guy singing he was well not so good. Our cruise director Stu was also very good and entertaining. The casino was not good to me but I had fun anyway. I had fun going to the dance clubs and watching people dance and have a good time.

The food:
The food was really good. It was on this cruise I found my love for the cornbeef sandwich at the Deli. Our dining room staff Sam and Su were fabulous. They were very courteous and made sure we had everything we wanted. The Noveau Supper Club was amazing! The filet mignon I had just melted in my mouth. I will definitely book one night for the supper club on my future cruises. Of course I had the chocolate melting cake every night except for when we went to the Supper Club. Room service was very prompt and courteous.

All our ports were amazing and it did not rain but once and it didn't even last that long. The highest tempature I believe was 65 degrees. Much much better than the close to 100 degree weather we left in Atlanta!

Here we did the infamous train ride. I am scared of heights so some of this ride tested my fear. I am glad I went because the scenery was amazing. We had orginally scheduled our time for the morning trip, but the day before we decided due to the foggy weather we would go in the afternoon. I am glad we changed it because it was still foggy in some parts of the ride when we went in the afternoon.

Here we did the tour of downtown, salmon hatchery and Mendenhall Glacier. The salmon hatchery was entertaining and we got to try some salmon dip that was very good. The Mendenhall Glacier was beautiful, but it was very cold. It was 55 degrees that day and it was around lunchtime.

This was a short day. We were only in port from 7am to 1pm. All we did was walk around and shop. We did buy some fish and chips from a small vendor right off from the ship and they were the best fish and chips I have ever had.

Victoria, B.C.:
This was also another short stop. We were only here from 7:30 to midnight. Too bad because Victoria is very beautiful and I would have loved to stay longer. We took the downtown and Butchart Gardens tour. It was beautiful, but unfortunately got dark too soon so we couldn't walk around all of the gardens. It was amazing to see all the buildings lit up after dark though.

All in all our trip was wonderful. I would recommend this cruise to everyone. I believe every person should experience Alaska atleast once. I want to go back and visit other cities. I don't know when my next cruise will be since my boyfriend and I our fixing to move into a house, but I can't wait to sail again! If anyone has any questions just ask.
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