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Heading to the med next month and was reading up on money and exchanges, etc. I have read a lot about using the ATMs in Europe and think that may be the way to go instead of carrying large sums of U.S currency. My U.S. bank does not charge me to use an ATM in my network while in the U.S. I will call them to see what the charge (if anything) for me to use my ATM card in Europe. I know my Capital One doesn't charge a foreign exchange fee, but not sure about ATM fee. I'll check that out.

Now, the question I cannot find an answer to is.......will the ATM machine charge me a fee?

In example: If my bank says, yes, we will charge you 2 euro to use an ATM in Europe. When I go to an ATM and withdraw 100 Euro, will I be hit for 102 euro or 102 euro plus some machine fee?

Thanks in advance!
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