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Lisa,I was going to use the word jinx, but I was afraid that RCL would then ban me from their ships....much as Costa has done.

I never had a chance at the Federico C.

Also, contrary to some spurious comments attributed to "highly placed senior executives from Costa Cruise Lines", I did not sail on the Luisitania, the Edmund Fitzgerald, or the Titanic.

F-mattox - that is what is happening. Three months after sailing on the Regal, Princess is washing their hands of it and selling it - to be summarily renamed. I only hope that the same fate ultimately befell the Boheme and the Carla C. and that they are not now forming the basis for artifical reefs off the coast of Belize.

It is depressing to think that after the SailorJacks have sailed on a ship that they are summarily disposed of and renamed like someone in the protected witness program!

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