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$236 for a 3.5 hour fishing trip seems steep to me. Does that rate include the $20 fishing license, or is the rate really $256 once you're licensed?

I've not taken the halibut fishing excursion in Hoonah (ISP) but I can offer info regarding my experiences on MY boat...

- Hoonah is about the only place in SE Alaska where you can actually do a 1/2 day halibut trip. Halibut charters in Juneau usually book a full-day halibut trip, then go to (or very near) Hoonah to fish.

- A 4-hour trip in Juneau runs between $150 and $225 booked direct, or between $200 and $275 booked via a cruise line. I know of one company (no names unless someone asks!) that does a 5-hour half-day for $200 including licenses...

- Other than the run-time to get to fish, there's really no difference in the charter's overhead to fish salmon vs. halibut. Most full-day trips are combination trips where you'll fish halibut first, and once limits are met, you'll troll for salmon on the way home. For a 3.5 hour trip, I'd imagine it will be just the bottom-fish and head home.

- There are pending federal regulations which may (if the Sec. of Commerce signs off in Feb.) limit charter anglers to 1 fish per day. Are you interested in 1 fish for $236? I think if it were me, I'd book a full-day trip in Juneau, fish the same areas for halibut, combo fish for salmon, and get some great scenery and whale watching in on the way there and back.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to push Juneau fishing on you... if you've already got other plans in Juneau, and fishing for halibut is a priority, Hoonah is the place where you can do it easiest and fastest.

Happy Alaska Travels!
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